Moments After Twilight

I had this short story published in an online horror fiction forum for writers some time back.  I wanted to write something dark; something not me.  This was only my second attempt to write something frightening or disturbing.  I think its good to explore other sides of the writing world.
Tammy is in her bedroom telling each stuffed animal good night as she readies for her bedtime story.  She doesn’t remember her Daddy tucking her in and singing her songs.  She’s forgotten about hearing the screams in the night from the kitchen below her room.

Billy is in the bathroom brushing his teeth with the care of an automated car wash as he daydreams of sport victories yet to come and guitar solos still to perform.  His anger and fear are dulled down from time and his grades are continuing a gradual improvement back to normal.

Jennifer is in the kitchen cleaning up the mess from dinner, just another mess to tackle and resolve but one far less complex and troubling than messes from the past.  She is still wary but feels that she’s gotten away cleanly and can move forward with her new life.

Thomas is relaxed on the sofa watching the football game, unaware of any past worries having only met Jennifer last summer while sampling the internet dating offerings in the area.  He feels grounded and in charge, eager to provide for his newly developed family.

I am with Karl wedged in the tree out in the backyard where the shadows spill the darkest.  We are clutching the automatic rifle in our left hand and the binoculars in our right.  I am desperately trying to calm Karl’s vengeance and anger down, hoping without hope that he doesn’t shut me out and take charge of the situation his way.  Again.

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