The Kissing Contest

Story on a theme:  KISS

“I don’t understand it,” sobbed Becky as she began to close up her booth. It was a kissing booth; one of two outside the school park designed to generate the most funds toward class president and despite Becky’s incredible looks, nice personality and popularity she was losing the competition badly.

Jenny was indeed beating her badly. Her booth had boys lined clear down the block whereas Becky only had an occasional drop in. Sure; Jenny’s booth was a high tech marvel more like a private oversized art deco phone booth compared to the meager open wooden lemonade stand one Becky had put up.

Was technology really this effective? Becky had great posters and spent a lot of time talking with people personally to attract attention. Jenny had done hers through a private blanket text via gender attribute to the junior class. Only the boys received it and once read it was automatically deleted.
Only Becky’s twin brother would listen to her lament. “I don’t understand it,” sobbed Becky. “She’s not good looking. Her teeth are their original color!” Two years ago Becky underwent a level 14 laser polished whitening process.

“She still has a slight hair lip,” Becky continued. All of the extraneous hair on Becky’s body had been surgically and chemically removed last year. Her skin was moist and smooth.

“And have you smelled her breath? How can they even stand it?” she added as she thought about all of the lip moisturizing injections she endured so her lips would be supple and pleasing. She had certainly kissed boys at the school and word had gotten around about how terrific her kissing was.

Her brother just stood there smiling wryly. He had received her private text. He’d waited in her long line. He knew the answers. He simply smiled at her and said “who said she was kissing lips?”

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Mrsupole said...

So this is actually my second time for commenting on this story. But the first time for this post. Bet you thought we wouldn't remember the first time.

Ditto to what I commented the first time. Hehe.

Ok, it is still funny and those dirty minded boys.

God bless.