The Limo

A story on a theme: LIMO

Jordon made his way across the steamy pavement hoping to avoid the next downpour of summer rain. Slipping over the crest of the hill and heading down the steep contour on the other side, a long black limo slowly pulled up beside him.

The windows were blackened out to avoid being seen from the outside. Everything about the limo was black and it evoked a shutter while gazing through to his reflection as it slowly inched by him. The wheels rolled on with a crunching from the debris on the side of the road. They stopped just ahead of him as if the limo was waiting; hunting a prey.

He swung cautiously to right as he approached. The rear window slowly receded into the door and he could make a shadowy figure seated in the back. “Step closer,” the man in the back called to him. His curiosity trumped his mortal caution and he leaned into the window for a closer look.

He gasped as he looked upon the man seated in the back. He was looking directly at himself. The recognition was immediate but the details took a moment to absorb. He looked different; older, more careworn, dispassionate. He smiled back and introduced himself. He was from the future and had been looking for young Jordon for some time.

His future self explained that he’d aggressively pursued his career and the reward paid off; he was rich and powerful. Young Jordon despondently took in all that he said and all that he saw. The limo was lonely; empty and concealed. This wasn’t what he aspired to be. There was no ring on the man’s finger; he casually wondered if his future self had ever learned to love along the way. He had no interest in power and expensive commodities. No, his future self showed no life at all. To young Jordon, the limo may as well have been a funeral Hertz.

“While I applaud your conviction in seeking me out; you and I are not alike. I’m sickened by your mere existence. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a date to meet and a joyous sunny day to experience,” cried Jordon as he turned and skipped merrily down the hill; each step feeling lighter and more carefree the further he got away from the limo.

The future forever altered, the man in the limo just smiled.  Suddenly he didn’t exist. He was finally free.

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Mrsupole said...

Happiness is a choice!

This story definitely shows that. Liked it even more the second time.

God bless.